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Sue , Milford NH

Our customer was trying to achieve a more updated transitional Stair Runners. The product chosen was the Persia Matrix by Kane Carpet. We fabricated a 27" wide Stair Runners, surged the sides and installed the runner. What a stunning runner the Persia Matrix makes.

Customer comments: "It looks beautiful!!Meg, thank you for all your help right from the start!! We all love it!! Sincerely, Sue"

Posted: 05-18-2016

Kane Persia Matrix Z580-06 gray 13.2 carpet - Posted 05-18-2016

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Sunny, Morton Gove IL

The customer loves the transitional look of the Sorrento Stair Runners. They will be self installing the product onto their split stair case.

Customer comments: Hello Meg, Here's the finished look, we absolutely love it! I will contact you in about a week to order the rest. You can absolutely post my photos to your web site. We will always order from your company and we will spread the word to our friends near this area!! Thank you so much! Sunny If you need a matching hallway runner, The Rug Depot can finish off the runner with either caps or surging. Please let us know how we can assist you. Call us today and we can help you!

Updated: 05-18-2016
Posted: 05-11-2016

Sorrento SO-3153 - Posted 05-11-2016 - Updated: 05-18-2016 Sorrento SO-3153 - Posted 05-11-2016 - Updated: 05-18-2016

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Maria , Methuen Massachusett

The customer had taken great efforts to match her decorative wall paint in her foyer. She wanted a dramatic Stair Runners to balance with the dramatic wall paint. We decided to use 27" x 8' pieces of runners, piece them together, cut a miter for the landing and create a continuous Stair Runners. The outcome was amazing.

Customer comments: "I am absolutely thrilled! The runner is better than perfect! Thank you Meg and Jeanie for all your help. I am going to love this!" The customer also purchased area rugs to match the stairs and to complete the look. This pattern, Vallencierre VA-27 comes in the following sizes: 2' x 3' 3' 6" x 5' 6" 5' 3" x 8' 3" 7' 6" x 9' 6" 8' 3" x 11'3" 9' 9" x 13' 9"

Posted: 05-04-2016

Vallencierre VA27 Brn  - Posted 05-04-2016 Vallencierre VA27 Brn - Posted 05-04-2016 Matching Area rug - Posted 05-04-2016

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Robin, New Hampshire

This customer wanted a natural fiber product for their stairs. The product was custom cut to be 30" wide and the sides of the runner serged. item: 162863 Fibreworks Argyle 2023 color: Brushed Nickel. The runner looks amazing! Thank you very much.

Posted: 08-28-2015

item: 162863 Argyle 2023 - Posted 08-28-2015 item: 162863 Argyle 2023 - Posted 08-28-2015

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Debbie & Wayne B. , Atkinson NH

Hi Meg, we picked it up the rug on Saturday at the store. Sorry we missed you. Rug looks gorgeous! And thanks for all your help - couldn't have done it without you!

Sizes available :
1' 10" x 3' 3"
1' 10" x 7' 6"
3' 10" x 5' 5"
5' 3" x 7' 6"
6' 7" x 9' 6"
7' 8" x 10' 10"
9' 10" x 12' 10"

Updated: 08-11-2015
Posted: 08-06-2015

170116 Stella  - Posted 08-06-2015 - Updated: 08-11-2015

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Joe B. , New Hartford NY

My customer called to have a runner fabricated to accommodate stairs that had two pie shaped steps in the middle of the run of stairs. The customer wanted the Rug Depot to custom fabricate the pies, for he was not finding a local installer that was comfortable with the cuts that needed to be made. Measurements were taken and templates were generated. Custom pieces were cut and seamed on site at The Rug Depot. The shipment was done in pieces. There were three pieces, two pie shaped pieces and the roll runner for the straight set of the stairs. The customer had a professional installer tack down the runner. After the runner was installed, the customer wrote in to say,

customer comments: “Hi Meg Runner was installed and it looks perfect. The installer said he never installed such a high quality runner. He also said the pie stairs were done perfectly. I couldn't be happier. Thank you for all your help. Joe “

Updated: 07-09-2015
Posted: 07-09-2015

Augusta Floral stair runner item: 114340 - Posted 07-09-2015 - Updated: 07-09-2015 Augusta Floral Stair runner item: 114340 - Posted 07-09-2015 - Updated: 07-09-2015 Augusta Floral Stair runner item: 114340 - Posted 07-09-2015 - Updated: 07-09-2015

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Mary Beth , Unadilla New York

The customer, Marybeth, was having a difficult time finding an installer to install her stairs. She had 4 stairs which curved to the right. These steps are known as "pies". She was being told that it was not possible to get the borders to line up when using an oriental style runner. She called The Rug Depot, spoke to Meg and was told that we could certainly accomplish what she was trying to achieve. Though she was in New York and we were in New Hampshire, The Rug Depot sent out an experienced installer to her home. Chris, the Rug Depot installer arrived and successfully installed her stairs. Each turned stair needed to be individually custom cut to fit. The product was the Greenville 1-1004-70, a 26" 1 million point roll runner. The Greenville Stair Runners also comes in matching area rugs. Sizes range from a 2' 3" x 7' 7" hallway runner to a 9' 10" x 12' 10"

Posted: 02-19-2015

item: 114761 greenville  - Posted 02-19-2015 item: 114761 greenville - pies  - Posted 02-19-2015 item: 114761 greenville - Posted 02-19-2015 Greenville 1-1004-70 Area Rug - Posted 02-19-2015

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Susan B., New Castle WA

Trying to choose a runner to match an existing area rug? The best approach is to work with the same types of colors & scale of color. This is the approach that Susan took. She had purchased locally a Central “Infinity” area rug for her Living room. She needed a dinning room rug, Stair Runners and a hallway runner to coordinate. The runner chosen was a product by the vendor 828. The pattern is called Greenville 1-1004-01 red/ivory. The Rug Depot fabricated a “T” seam so that the hallway would connect to the stairs. After receiving her runner, Susan, sent in an email, “Great news Meg, we installed the new carpet Sunday and it looks terrific. I especially like going down the stairs and feeling the cushy pile under my feet. Thank you Meg” “PS. The first time our 2 year old granddaughter saw the new rugs, she shrieked with delight and started dancing, then just layed down and rolled around on them!” Area rugs are available from a 2’3″ x 8′ to a 9′ 10″ x 12′ 10″ . The Stair Runners widths are 26″ or 31″ wide.

Posted: 02-18-2015

item: 121915 Greenville 31" runner  - Posted 02-18-2015 item: 121915 greenville 31" runner - Posted 02-18-2015 matching area rug Greenville 1-1004-01 - Posted 02-18-2015

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Lynn , Skokie IL

Many local stores could not fabricate treads for “pie” shaped steps. Our customer Lynn, called us to help. She needed treads for 6 regular shaped stairs and 5 “pie” shaped steps. Trying to use a “regular tread” on a pie shaped step would not fit nor look proper. The Rug Depot took on the project. Since the customer did not live in the New Hampshire area (home base of The Rug Depot), templates were needed. Item: 160687 Central Traditions 2070 CN/WRH was ordered. We cut the treads to contour to the shape of her pies and of course the regular steps. A party was on the horizon, so we needed to complete the project.

Customer comment: “Hi Meg, the stair treads are beautiful! Thanks so much…and in time for my big party. Lynn.” Customer Installs, Rug Depot News angled stair treads, contoured treads, custom, installation, installation project, Pie steps, pies, treads

Posted: 02-12-2015

item: 160687  traditions 2070 CN/WRH - Posted 02-12-2015

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Rene, Columbia SC

Rene called in to discuss options and qualities for her stairs. She has two stair cases that need to have a Stair Runners. A high quality and a high performance product was the goal. Understanding the differences in qualities, samples were ordered. Meg, “The samples arrived today. Thanks so much for getting these to us so quickly and for sending such generous samples. The size made it easy to get a sense of how each would look installed. We made our decisions.” A high performance 1.5 million point synthetic called Radiance by Dynamic was chosen for one set of stairs. A wool product by Couristan, English Manor Devonshire was chosen for the front stairs. Installation one: “As promised, here is a photo of our finished project (back stairs)…including a shot of our 13 year old Labrador, Marley who can now go up and down the stairs with out a fear of falling. Thanks for all your help. Marley is a big fan of Rug Depot and we are too!

Updated: 02-11-2015
Posted: 02-11-2015

31" Dynamic Radiance 43002-3212  - Posted 02-11-2015 - Updated: 02-11-2015 Marley the Labrador retriever - Posted 02-11-2015 - Updated: 02-11-2015

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Topic: Customer_Projects - Reviews
Patricia A Piontkowski (Green Brook, US) says...
This was very helpful I did not realize this could be done. This looks like my hall and staircase.
10th October 2016 1:16pm
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