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Priscilla, Aberdeen South Dakot

Our customer Priscilla under took a project to recover an antique set of stairs. The stairs had a 90 degree turn that led to two more stairs, but the customer only wanted to cover the straight set of steps. I strongly recommended that she cover all the steps and the landing, for it would look ackward that the entire set of stairs were not continuously covered. I reassured Priscilla that we could miter the piece and have it custom fabricated for her stairs, so that the material would go up the straight set, turn and then cover the last two steps. We worked together, got dimensions set and Priscilla chose a high density synthetic runner. The item chosen was the item: #150958 Palladino CBD7-0001A 26" roll runner. The outcome looked fabulous! Priscilla emailed in to say that she "installed it today ...I love it! Thank you Meg! This product is also available in a wall to wall carpet. The carpet could be applied in a wall to wall fashion, but also could be cut and fabricated to make custom area rugs. Call a Rug Depot sales associate for assistance.

Updated: 02-10-2015
Posted: 02-05-2015

item: 150958 Palladino roll runner  - Posted 02-05-2015 - Updated: 02-10-2015 unfinished stairs - Priscilla  - Posted 02-05-2015 - Updated: 02-10-2015

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Shiela & Eric H, Lundenburg Ma

Our store customer Sheila & Eric needed a Stair Runners to coordinate with existing rugs that were purchased previously at The Rug Depot. A spectacular choice was made. The product was the Grand Partere PT02 midnight by Nourison. This is a high end new Zealand wool Stair Runners. Stair rods were also selected. The Heritage Collection by Zoroufy are a solid tubular rod with a polished brass finish and urn finials. \\r\\n\\r\\n Installation was complete and the stairs look wonderful. Our customer loves the products. "We really enjoyed working with you Meg! Thank you so much."

Updated: 10-23-2014
Posted: 10-23-2014

Grand Partere PT02 - Posted 10-23-2014 - Updated: 10-23-2014 Grand Partere PT02 - Posted 10-23-2014 - Updated: 10-23-2014

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Parma D. , Norport News VA

A Customer was purchasing a set of steps for her bed so that her dogs could get up to the bed. “My two small dogs are really not happy that I have to lift them up and take them off of my bed (I have recently purchased a new mattress.) They are looking forward to the #dogsteps and #carpettreads as much as I am.” The Rug Depot will basically customize the #carpettreads to fit the bed steps. The treads were taken and custom cut to be 16″ x 5″ for each of the steps. At that point, the treads were finished off with binding. Finally, we added a pad called “tread pad upgrade” and glued it to the back of each of the treads, making the treads more secure.

customer comment: “The treads arrived yesterday, Monday, and they are terrific! Just what I wanted! The pups are not as thrilled as I am, but I will continue to put treatsParmaDeas5 on my bed and I am sure they will figure out how to use the stairs. When my son and I were trying to show them what to do yesterday, he would give them the treats no matter if they tried or not! Thank you again and again Meg! Parma D. Norport News VA

Updated: 08-12-2014
Posted: 08-12-2014

stairs to bed item:148003 generations  - Posted 08-12-2014 - Updated: 08-12-2014

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Clifford, Meadville PA

Customer ordered and installed a Radici Noble Stair Runners. Item: 118425, a 600,000 point synthetic. He sent in a photo of the installation.

Customer Comment: "Meg, I did it myself (first time ever)! Please feel free to post the photo, Thanks Meg. I think it looks great." This Noble pattern is available in matching area rugs from small 2′ x 8′ to sizes up to 9′ 2″ x 12′ 10″ . Love the pattern, but want stair treads? The pattern could be made into 26″ and 31″ stair treads. Endless possibilities……

Updated: 07-10-2014
Posted: 07-09-2014

118425 Noble 1305 - Posted 07-09-2014 - Updated: 07-10-2014 Noble area rugs - Posted 07-09-2014 - Updated: 07-10-2014

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Kristyn G., Mundelein IL

Are your dog's having problems getting up the stairs? Our customer Kristyn had two large dogs that needed to get up and down the stairs safely. She needed treads and a matching landing piece. Updated colors were chosen and the material was ordered. The Rug Depot needed to fabricate the treads and the landing piece.

Customer comments, "Hi Meg, The treads look great! And of course the dogs love them!!! I do too.They look great and feel great under foot. There is no problem in posting the photos, my dogs could be famous! Thanks again. Kristyn."

Posted: 06-29-2014

149631 Ancient Garden  - Posted 06-29-2014 Style: 57120-6737 Ancient Garden - Posted 06-29-2014 149631 Ancient Garden  - Posted 06-29-2014 149631 Ancient Garden  - Posted 06-29-2014 149631 Ancient Garden  - Posted 06-29-2014

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Sharon V, Ashland Ma

Our customer loved the Dynamic Radiance 43003-6434 pattern. Other rug companies indicated that the actual miter could not be done with this type of pattern. There are 7 steps up to a 90 degree landing and then they turn and go up 6 more steps. Our installer plotted out the pattern to ensure the best pattern match for the landing. The installation was complete and the landing looks great.

Customer comments: “Hi Meg, We all absolutely love the new #stairrunner, even the kids remarked on how soft and plush it is. The installer Chris took some pictures – he was very pleasant and hardworking and NEAT. I will take a couple of pics and send them to you. The miter looks great. Feel free to use the pictures for other potential customers. Thanks for all your help and the great customer service. Thank you." Another satisfied customer, Sharon V

Posted: 06-22-2014

item 115934 Radiance   - Posted 06-22-2014 Radiance 43003-6434 - Posted 06-22-2014 Radiance 43003-6434 - Posted 06-22-2014 Radiance 43003-6434 - Posted 06-22-2014

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Angela F, Gorham ME

My customer needed stair treads that would match an existing runner. Angela kindly sent off an image of the existing runner. After going back and forth with options, we decided upon one. The treads were fabricated and sent off to the customer. "

Customer comment" “Hi Meg, I received the treads, over the weekend I will get them in place and take photos.. Very excited!! Meg, I love them they are perfect.” Our customer went a step further to write a letter to the company about her experience. "Customer Comment" To Whom this may concern.. I’d like to recap how pleased I am with the Rug Depot as well as Meg O’Leary. I have been looking for sometime for stair treads, that would match my existing hallway runner, once I found The Rug Depot on line they presented by having options for stair treads in their line that might work, but since I couldn't be sure I contacted them via email and was connected with Meg, she was prompt, curious, and professional, she gladly accepted the challenge in helping me match up my runner to a tread, a tread I might add. that needed to be made up special, with a rubber backing so that I wouldn't have to nail them to my stairs.....after a few back and forth emails, Meg presented me with a sample pattern, and an option with a rubber back put on and a quote for the job. And even went so far as to let me purchase (1) complete tread so that I could place it in my home to see if it was everything I needed..... To my pleasure, it was PERFECT, and proof by these pictures how wonderful they came out..100% Satisfied... So in closing anyone with any special need or simply having questions with their products, I would STRONLY suggest using this company for their products, and certainly Meg in customer service! Thank you Rug Depot! & Meg O’Leary Angela Fall Gorham Maine

Updated: 06-20-2014
Posted: 06-19-2014

152926 Diamond treads - Posted 06-19-2014 - Updated: 06-20-2014 DD3011 Black Ivory Stair Treads - Posted 06-19-2014 - Updated: 06-20-2014 152926 Diamond treads Traditional Made in India - Posted 06-19-2014 - Updated: 06-20-2014 152926 DDD301 - 100% Poly made in India - Traditional - Posted 06-19-2014 - Updated: 06-20-2014

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Renwu C. , Rockville MD

Renwu Chen Rockville MD 20850 Mr. Chen had a stair case that required a “T” seam to make the Stair Runners material go in two different directions. The concern was to find a product that had a good level of performance and that both the customer and his wife liked. A product was chosen for its beauty and its ability to function. The Paladin product is a 1.5 million point synthetic, a very high density synthetic product that will allow our customer years of wearing. Drawings of the stairs were agreed upon and we began the work. The runner was to be installed by our customer. “Hi, Meg, How are you doing? I have installed the runner. My kids like it and asked me to order one more for the other stair in the future. Now I will send you some pictures of it. Again, thank you so much for everything! Best regards. Renwu” The customer appreciated the help and wrote to the owner of the company.

Customer Comment " Dear Mr. Intintoli, I write you to express my thanks to Meg. I recently ordered runner for my stair. I was really impressed with the great service from Meg. She was so nice and helpful! I definitely recommend the product of Rug Depot to my friends, and will order runners again from your company! Again, many thanks to Meg for everything she did for me! Best regards. Renwu"

Updated: 06-15-2014
Posted: 06-15-2014

157525 Paladin 106 red  - Posted 06-15-2014 - Updated: 06-15-2014 157525 Paladin 106 red  - Posted 06-15-2014 - Updated: 06-15-2014

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Joyce F. , Medford New York

Our internet customer had been shopping for treads; however, she also needed a landing piece to match. The customer indicated that she “was getting upset because stair treads with a matching rug for the landing have been impossible to find (and so expensive)." Joyce and I went back and forth trying to find options that would fit with her decor.

Customer Comment "Meg, You've been wonderful; so helpful. I think option 1 will do fine. I wish sales people in the stores were as attentive as you have been; I can't thank you enough.” We concluded on a choice, fabricated the treads and a piece for the landings. Everything shipped in a timely fashion and the customer installed the treads. Meg, I received the treads and they “Look wonderful!” Thanks for all your help. I tell everyone how wonderful this experience has been. Joyce

Posted: 06-12-2014

153927 Ancient Garden Traditional made from Polypropelene - Posted 06-12-2014 Dynamic Ancient Garden Traditional - Machine Made - Posted 06-12-2014 View from Landing looking up and down steps - 57120-3767 - Posted 06-12-2014 View from Front door - 153927 Ancient Garden - Posted 06-12-2014

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Diana R., Arlington Virginia

Our internet customer was presenting The Rug Depot with the challenge of creating a runner for her stairs. The stairs had two 90 degree turns. Of course, we took on the project. The fabrication of the landings required two miters. After fact gathering about all the measurements, I drew a layout of her stairs. Once approved by the customer, we ordered the material. There was continuous communication throughout the process, "Hi Meg. Thanks for the updates: I love Rug Depots personal service." Fabrication went smooth and the miters lined up beautifully. The runner was wrapped and off the runner went to the customer. "Meg the carpet is absolutely gorgeous. Wow. The rug quality is magnificent. Most impressive. Cheers. Absolutely feel free to use the pics!" Diana Another satisfied customer.

Posted: 06-09-2014

157522 Paladin 106 red - Posted 06-09-2014 Stairs before installation  - Posted 06-09-2014 View from Main level  - Posted 06-09-2014

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Topic: Customer_Projects - Reviews
Patricia A Piontkowski (Green Brook, US) says...
This was very helpful I did not realize this could be done. This looks like my hall and staircase.
10th October 2016 1:16pm
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