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How to Install Your Stair Runners


Installing Stair Runners on Straight Stairs


Tools required for the install.

  • Staple Gun and staples

  • Square

  • Tape Measure

  • Knife

  • Stretcher

  • Pencil

  • Straight edge

Tools Required for Stair Runners Install

Step 1




Remove old carpet or Stair Runners.

Ensure stairs are clean, and all old

fixings are removed





Staircase with all Carpet or Stair runners removed before Install of New Stair Runners

Step 2

Check the Rear of the Stair runner for the correct

width or measure the width.

Next measure the stair  width e.g  30"

subtract the stair width from the runner width

30 - 26 =  4 this is the total space left.

divide the answer by 2 to get equal spaces

4 / 2  = 2 this is 2" either side.

check the width of the Stair runner before install

Step 3

Marking the stairs


Using the tape measure mark from the

edge of the stair 2" the above answer.

then using the square mark the entire step,

repeat for all stairs.




Marking the Stairs for the correct gap for installing the stair runner

Step 4

Cutting and fixing the pads


The pad must be installed and cut to the

correct size. Using the width of the runner

e.g 26" wide, subtract 2". Mark and cut the

pad width 24". The depth will be the stair

tread. Staple the pad in position leaving

1" from the pencil mark and 1" from

the rear riser this will bring the pad

over the stair nosing. Ensure pad is secure. 

Pad fixed to stairs showing gap at rear of tread and gap on sides

Step 5

Straight Edge



With the runner face down and using

the square and straight edge, cut the end

of the runner square. Ensure the runner

is on a hard surface before cutting.

NOTE:- Be careful not to cut to deep

and scratch the surface under the Stair Runner.




Cutting the Stair Runners Square before install


Step 6

Placing the Stair Runner



Place the Stair Runner on the first stair between

the pencil lines ensuring the square cut end

is parallel to the floor, Staple riser

 with 8 to 12 staples near the floor then

do the same under the stair nose.


See picture . 

Placing the stair runners on the first riser and fixing with staple gun

Step 7


Using the Stretcher


Use the carpet stretcher to stretch carpet

from nose towards next riser. Make

sure carpet edge is on the pencil marks,

secure with staples in 90 degree crease then

under the nose again.  Repeat for

all stairs.

Using a Stretcher to stretch the stair runner and fixing in the crease at the back of the tread with staple gun


Finish Picture of Stairs


Finish Picture of Stairs

Finished Picture of stair Runner Full View


Finished Picture of Stair Runner Close up


These instructions are for fitting stair runners to straight stairs ONLY

If You Need Stair Runners But dont know the length you require use our Stair Runner Calculator

Please see stairs that cannot be done but require Professional Install.


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