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Accessories - Cleaning Products


Forcefield Cleaning Products

ForceField Fabric Cleaner

ForceField  Fabric Cleaner

* Cleans water-based and oil-based spills and stains on water-safe fabrics, approved

   for use on stain-resistant carpets and wool furnishing products.

* Protects as it cleans, pH-balanced formula contains ForceField Soil and Stain

   Repellent use as a spotter and in extraction and spin bonnet cleaning.

Fabric Cleaner - 22Fl. oz. (650mL)

Order no. 100053


ForceField Fabric Protector

ForceField  Fabric Protector

* Makes fabrics water-repellent, repels virtually all liquid stains (even oil based) and

   retards soiling. Will not change the look, feel or texture of fabric.

* Excellent for use on all fabrics, including silk, suede, wool. and leather, great for

   protecting sisal and wool carpets.

Fabric Protector - 22Fl. oz. (650mL)

Order No. 100052


ForceField Restor-It Furniture Polish

ForceField  Restor-It Cream Furniture Polish

* Restores naturals oils and luster to all fine wood surfaces, removes dirt, fingerprints,

   smears, dust and all allergens without leaving a waxy buildup.

*Regular use will protect and preserve your wood products from premature aging, creaking

   and fading.

Restor-it - 22Fl. oz. (650mL)

Order No. 114713


ForceField UV Sun Block

ForceField  UV SunBlock

* Protects fabrics, fibers and colored surfaces from fading and damage that can be caused

   by the sun's rays, fabrics keep their resiliency and vibrant colors.

* Safe to use on all types of materials and will not change the texture of fabrics, works well

   with any mill treatment, fast drying.

UV Sunblock - 22Fl. oz. (650mL)

Order no. 114290


ForceField Order Blaster

ForceField  OdorBlaster 101 Neutralizes Odors

* Rapidly destroys odors on fabrics, apparel and carpet.

* Contains special anti-soiling additive and is non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.

Odor Blaster - 22Fl. oz. (650mL)

Order no. 114712


ForceField Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

ForceField  Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

* Provides the highest quality leather care available, protects against cracking and aging.

* Cleans and conditions finished leather goods, extending their life and beauty.

Leather Cleaner - 22Fl. oz. (650mL)

Order no. 114292



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